Elected for FeSCo

I can’t believe I have been elected for FeSCo. I expected to become 5th again like last time (which means I didn’t make it) but I this time I’m 2nd! A big thanks to all the people who voted for me. I really appreciate your confidence and I’ll try my very best to not disappoint your hopes.

I will continue to work on improving Fedora and I hope to succeed in that together with the other Fesco members. I will focus on improving cross-desktop interoperability and on simplifying the feature process and the workflow for co-maintainership of upstream developers. I’m looking forward to serve the Fedora Project as a Fesco member. Let’s get to work!

Tracking system needed

Dear Lazyweb,

a lot of my customers have workflows that involve different people. Some of them have checklists, but this is a lot of paper work, it’s not searchable, not reliable and it’s just so 1987. To make these processes more transparent and traceable I am looking for a issue tracker/ticketing system/CRM.

A typical workflow looks like this:

  1. Customer orders goods, services, whatever. There are several ways to order: Via website, telephone, fax or reseller.
  2. Employee receives order. If there are open questions, employee sorts them out with customer or reseller.
  3. Employee confirms the order and sends out a bill.
  4. Customer/reseller makes a depsit.
  5. Employee confirms deposit and sends out another mail with more info on product or service.
  6. Customer/reseller pays the outstanding sum of money.
  7. The deal takes place.

The thing I’m looking for should be lightweight because there already are dedicated systems for booking, accounting and so on that we cannot replace, but there is nothing that brings all these systems together. I only what to track the process and to do this, I’d like to have the following features:

  • Web interface: I don’t want to install additional client software.
  • Custom statuses: If possible, employees should be able to define them via web interfacel, but that’s not high priority
  • Custom Workflows: If possible, the system should be able to define custom actions such as sending out an email when state X is reached
  • Custom fields: I’d like to be able to add different fields to the tickes,
  • Attachments: I’d like to attach files to tickets.
  • Localization: If possible, because “… Es ist Deutschland hier.;)

So far I have looked at Mantis, OTRS, Redmine (all nice and powerful bug trackers, but not really what I’m looking for need and lack some features need), Drupal with plugins (I haven’t found the right plugin and I don’t want to carry the cruft of a complete CMS when I just need a tracker) and the well known trac (currently my favorite although it was definitely designed for other purposes).

Dear Lazyweb, do you know any other systems that offer what I’m looking for?

Frühstyxradio wieder auf Sendung

Zu meiner großen Freude habe ich eben gelesen, dass das größte Kulturmagazin der Welt wieder auf bei Radio ffn auf Sendung ist. Zwar immer nur kurz, aber dafür (wochen)täglich. Während der Adventszeit sogar mehrmals täglich, da zu nachtschlafender Zeit (6:37) noch der Adventskalender mit Frieda und Anneliese gesendet wird. Und am Heiligabend warten die beiden von 15:00-18:00 auf das Christkind. Ich auch!

Darauf 18 Bier mit Tsatsiki!

Fedora 12 LXDE Spin available for download

Better late than never: The Fedora 12 LXDE Spin has arrived!

Sorry it took so long. While the actual problems were solved within 2 days, it took a little longer to create the new ISO images. FESCo, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, had to decide how to proceed with the new images. The decision was scheduled for last weeks FESCo meeting, but due to Thanksgiving and the holidays the meeting was canceled. Instead, we voted in Trac, but as you all know a ticket system is not as fast as a real time IRC meeting.

After that Jesse composed the new images and we needed to test them to make sure we don’t hit any bugs again. Testing was positive and now we have the new images available for download at


Grab them while they are still hot!

I apologize once again for the delay and would like to thank everybody for his patience. A big thanks goes out to Jesse for supporting me.

I now declare this bazar opened!