Elected for FeSCo

I can’t believe I have been elected for FeSCo. I expected to become 5th again like last time (which means I didn’t make it) but I this time I’m 2nd! A big thanks to all the people who voted for me. I really appreciate your confidence and I’ll try my very best to not disappoint your hopes.

I will continue to work on improving Fedora and I hope to succeed in that together with the other Fesco members. I will focus on improving cross-desktop interoperability and on simplifying the feature process and the workflow for co-maintainership of upstream developers. I’m looking forward to serve the Fedora Project as a Fesco member. Let’s get to work!

6 thoughts on “Elected for FeSCo

  1. Willkommen im FESCo! FYI: Das nächste (und somit dein erstes) FESCo-Meeting wird am Freitag, dem 8.1.2010 um 17:00 UTC (18:00 mitteleuropäische Zeit) im #fedora-meeting IRC-Chan stattfinden. (Am 25.12 und am 1.1 ist sinngemäß kein Meeting.)

  2. This is great news. I am very happy you made it into FeSCo. I am sure we will continue to see a lot of good work. I am looking forward to see the community getting closer together by having a strong link – you :-) All the best!

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