Video thumbnails in Thunar

As you might know thumbnails in Thunar are generated with tumbler. For obvious reasons the tumbler package in Fedora cannot include the tumbler-ffmpeg plugin. By popular demand I now rolled an add-on package called tumbler-freeworld. When installed, this is what it looks like:

Video thumbnails in Thunar

Video thumbnails in Thunar using the tumbler-ffmpeg plugin

If you are a packager at RPM Fusion, please review the package. Fedora’s Xfce users will appreciate your help.

6 thoughts on “Video thumbnails in Thunar

    • Nope, the desktop is handled by xfdesktop and not by Thunar, so no thumbnails, not even for images.

      AFAIK in Xfce 4.10 xfdesktop will be retired and Thunar will handle the desktop, too. Then you’ll get thumbnails and consistent single/double click behavior.

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