Gute Vorsätze

Wir alle wissen, dass die guten Vorsätze für das neue Jahr meist nicht lange halten. Einer meiner Vorsätze für dieses Jahr war, meinen Blog einmal zu ‘rebooten’ und regelmäßig zu bloggen. Jetzt haben wir schon Juli, hat also nicht so gut geklappt. Ich habe sogar weniger gebloggt dieses Jahr bzw. seitdem ich angefangen habe, Google+ und – etwas später – Facebook zu nutzen.

Allerdings hat sich auch meine Nutzung der sozialen Netzwerke geändert. Anfangs war ich noch sehr darauf bedacht, meine Privatsphäre zu schützen und habe alles immer nur mit denen geteilt, die es interessieren könnte. Aber mit der Zeit bin ich offener geworden und teile nun normalerweise alle Beiträge mit allen meinen Kreisen und Freunden, weil ich denke, dass man sich so ein besseres Bild von mir machen kann. Viele Dinge teile ich auch öffentlich. Ich denke über viele Dinge viel nach und habe dementsprechend eine – wie ich denke – fundierte Meinung zu diesen Themen. Das sind hauptsächlich Politik, Ethik und Freie Software und Kultur. Warum soll ich meine Ansichten nicht öffentlich machen? Warum nicht öffentliche Meinung mitgestalten (oder es zumindest versuchen)?

Das werde ich von jetzt an tun. Ich werde auch weiterhin soziale Netzwerke nutzen, aber versuchen, über das, was ich öffentlich teile, auch zu bloggen, zumindest wenn ich es lohnenswert finde. Wenn ein Thema komplex ist oder ein Beitrag viele Referenzen enthält, ist der Blog sowieso besser.Was für Themen könnt Ihr also von mir in Zukunft erwarten?

  • Linux und Freie Software im allgemeinen und Kolab im besonderen. Keine große Änderung an dieser Stelle, nur regelmäßiger (**auf Holz klopf**).
  • Politik. Ich bin seit Jahren Mitglied von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. Zwar nicht immer glücklich, aber trotzdem überzeugt, dass wir das Richtige™ tun (die meiste zeit zumindest).
  • Besprechungen von Produkten, die ich für würdig befunden habe, sie mir zu kaufen. Das kann ein unglaublich gutes Album einer noch unbekannten Band sein genauso wie ein Produkt, das entweder sehr praktisch oder umweltfreundlich ist oder hohe ethischen Standards erfüllt. Oder etwas, was auf andere Weise einfach total genial ist – oder total daneben.

Wir werden sehen, ob es klappt. Vermutlich nicht. Vergesst nicht: Es ist ein guter Vorsatz!

New Year’s resolutions

We all know New Year’s resolutions don’t work out, at least most of the time. One of my resolutions for this year was to completely reboot my blog and blog more regularly. It’s already July, so as you can see, it didn’t work out. In fact, I blogged less than ever before this year or since I started using Google+ and – a little later – Facebook.

However my use of social networks has changed. While I initially was very keen on protecting my privacy and only shared posts with interested people, over time I have become more open. By default I now share my posts with all my circles and friends. I think it helps them to get a better and bigger picture of me. And I share a lot of stuff with the public. I do have very strong views, especially on things that bother me. That is mainly politics and ethics as well as Free Software and culture. Why not share my thoughts with the public? Why not (try to) shape the public opinion?

This is what I will do from now on. I will continue to use social networks, but I will try to blog about the stuff I post publicly, at least if I consider it worth it. If a topic is complex or a post is elaborate and contains lots of references, it’s easier to blog anyway.

What can you expect from me here in the future:

  • Linux and Free Software in general and Kolab in particular. No change here, just more regularly (**knock on wood**).
  • Politics. I’m a member of the German Green Party for several years now. Not always proud, but still convinced we do the right thing™ (most of the time).
  • Product reviews of stuff I consider worth buying. That can be a really awesome new album by an unknown band or a product, that is very convenient, environment friendly or follows high ethical standards. Or that is simply the pure awesome (or the biggest shit).

Let’s see how things work our. Probably they don’t. Remember, it’s just another New Year’s resolution.

Vienna Calling!

Last weekend I attended Linuxwochen Wien for the first time. I heard a lot about the event, so I totally wanted to go there. Now that I’m back from Vienna, I am a little disappointed – but nevertheless happy I went there.

The Austrian Linuxwochen (Linux Weeks) is a series of events all over the country. It started in Graz, but there is also Eisenstadt, Krems and Vienna. The event in Salzburg is delayed until further notice, Linz was canceled off this year (only the LUG meeting took place) and Klagenfurt seems dead for years. Overall not very encouraging, but we wouldn’t be Fedora if we were not to change that. So we brought 7 people to Vienna which were supported by two locals, Kevin and Volker. Both did an excellent job, even though they are (officially) no ambassadors. Together we submitted 16 talks and workshops. All were accepted, this is roughly one fourth of the 3 day program. I delivered two talks, one on Kolab and one on postscreen. Both went very well and I’m very happy about the feedback I received. Overall the talks and workshops were very interesting and the speakers very competent.

Fedora booth at Linuxwochen Wien

Fedora booth at Linuxwochen Wien

Fedora delivered a good show. We had by far the biggest and most professional stand and lots of goodies. As a special gimmick Miro had brought his 3D printer and as always it attracted a lot of people. The rest of exhibition however was not impressive. That’s a well know problem for events where the focus is on talks, but this one was worse: It was moved to a new building with more space on the hallways, but the number of exhibitors hadn’t really changed. The booths looked quite lost and there were hardly visitors as most people were attending talks. On Friday we had at least some students from the university showing up and hoped for more people over the weekend, but that was wishful thinking. Maybe it was bad promotion, maybe the weather or a combination of both.

Empty hallway at Linuxwochen Wien

Empty hallway at Linuxwochen Wien

The weather in Vienna was bad compared to Berlin, but on Saturday afternoon it changed and the rest of the weekend turned out to be very sunny. As there were not many visitors and we had more than enough people at the booth, later that afternoon I decided to go for some sightseeing. People told me Vienna is beautiful, but I hadn’t seen anything of that beauty. I have been to Vienna before, but usually it was just for transfer at the airport or on my way to Brno. So I went to the historic city center and I have to admit, it really is impressive. There are a lot of buildings from the imperial times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and also from the Art Nouveau (or ‘Jugendstil’ as we call it) era. I love Jugendstil.

Subway station 'Karlsplatz'

The subway station ‘Karlsplatz’ in Vienna – an icon of the ‘Art Nouveau’ era.

On Friday we had a social event. It wasn’t really a social event, instead we just went to a Chinese restaurant down the street for an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. We were around 30 people and I was lucky to sit next to Bernhard. We talked about packaging and he asked me if I could help him with continuous integration of rpm build. It turned out Bernhard is a FreeRDP developer and told him I’m the poor bastard maintainer of remmina in Fedora. Remmina is a GTK-based RDP, SSH, NX and Telepathy client, developed by the FreeRDP project. It’s powerful but in bad shape as FreeRDP is still a young project and constantly moving forward. Unfortunately there haven’t been stable releases for quite a while and backporting fixes is cumbersome. So we agreed that FreeRDP will try to maintain a ‘release’ branch in git, even if there are no actual releases, and we will help them with continuous integration. If Mads, our FreeRDP maintainer, agrees we will build and host nightly versions of Fedora’s freerdp and matching remmina packages. An interesting project and I’m looking forward to it.

My flight back to Berlin left very early on Sunday morning. I had to get up at 5 am, but it allowed me to be in Berlin at half past eight and enjoy a sunny Sunday after which I was very tired – but happy.

Not sure I will attend Linuxwochen Wien next year, we have other awesome people to run the event. Personally, I learned some important lessons:

  • Talks are getting more professional and so is the target audience. When you give a talk, be professional – but don’t forget the fun!
  • Exhibitions on the other hand receive lesser attention. We need to think of new way to attract people and how to interacting with them. We need something more playful like the Fedora photo booth.
  • Renting an apartment is a good idea: Not only that it’s cheaper than a hotel, but more fun, too.
  • The people who told me Vienna is beautiful didn’t lie.

Thanks everybody for making Linuxwochen a successful event. A special thanks goes out to Sirko for being a perfect event owner. He took care of everything, not just the booth and apartment and he was a good tourist guide.

FUDCon Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of FUDCon Kuala Lumpur 2012 and the first day with scheduled talks. After the first day with barcamps I was curious to see how talks work out.

We arrived at 9 and until 10, a lot more people arrived. And when I say a “lot I” mean a lot. People were coming in waves as many of them were whole classes of students. Whenever a new bus arrived, we had a long queue at the registration desk, but people waited patiently.

Queue at the FUDCon registration desk

The queue at the FUDCon registration desk

Joshua started the day with his talk about increasing participation in FOSS projects. It was an awesome talk and even if I am doing community building for quite a while now still learned some new things.

Joshua giving his talk

Joshua giving his talk at FUDCon KL 2012

The day continued with talks and the attendance overall was pretty well. However topics and target audience did not always match. We had a whole lot of people who are not (that) familiar with Linux or Fedora and when they found themselves in a talk that was too technical for them, they looked a bit confused and lost. Fortunately they all knew the “Rule of Two Feet” and simply left one talk and attended another.

At 4 pm we had the usual tea break and after that, everybody gathered in the big audience for lightning talks. Again the start was a little sluggish but after I gave a quick talk about LXDE (which is amazingly popular here in Asia), people quickly continued and we had a lot of good and very funny talks.

FUDCon KL 2012 day 2 schedule

FUDCon KL 2012 day 2 schedule

At some point we had to make a hard stop because we were running out of time and still needed to do the lucky draw. Participants of the FOSS survey which we did in cooperation with UCTI could win some nice prices. There will be another raffle today and this time we even can give away two brand new Galaxy Tabs and I hope I will win one of them.

After that, we left for FUDPub. Again we had a shuttle bus that took us directly to the hotel where FUDPub was taking place. This FUDPub was different, it was more a FUDDinner or FoodPub as there were tons of food but no alcoholic drinks. While everything is pretty affordable here in Malaysia, alcohol is very uncommon and therefor expensive. The food was extraordinary and after we finished dinner, two amazing Fedora (TM!) cakes arrived.

Cake with Fedora logo

Logo usage guidelines compliant Fedora (TM) cake

People decided it was on me as Beefy Miracle (I was waring my hotdog costume again which caused a lot of fun) and in Izhar as the main event organizer to cut the cake. I gave away the first piece to Kushal as he said he wanted to feed Izhar. I should not have done this, because instead of feeding Izhar, Kushal smashed it right into Izhar’s face. This was the beginning of a huge cake fight that hardly left anybody out and pretty much messed up the room. I think they will charge us extra for cleaning but at least nobody got injured. ;)

Group photo after the big cake fight

After the big cake fight (and some cleaning up)

An awesome day of FUDCon has come to an end and now I am looking forward for day three which is just about to start. I’ll have to leave this afternoon after the tea break because my plane leaves this evening. Hopefully I find the time to blog about day 3 at the airport before I take off.

LinuxTag Tickets

If anybody still needs free tickets for LinuxTag, please comment below you need to get yourself one as mine are all gone.

Falls noch jemand Gratis-Tickets für den LinuxTag braucht, bitte unten kommentieren. Selbst besorgen, denn meine sind jetzt alle weg.

Aus für “Pops tönende Wunderwelt”

Wie ich eben vom geschwätzigen Moderator hören musste, wird Pops tönende Wunderwelt, die wohl dienstälteste Radiosendung Deutschlands, eingestellt. Am 23. September gibt es eine Abschiedsparty in Bremen, 25. September eine 4stündige Abschiedssendung und danach ist Schluss, aus, Ende und vorbei.

Ein schwerer Schlag, den ich erst mal verdauen muss. Für mich hieß es die letzten 24 Jahre mehr oder weniger regelmäßig “Sonntag Abend gehört Paul E. Pop.” und ich weiß nicht, was ich jetzt nach dem Tatort machen soll.


Meet you at the Desktop Summit

Desktop Summit 2011 BannerI initially planed to go to the Desktop Summit on Thursday because of our Kolab track on Friday, but then I changed my mind because of the talks and the Lightweight Desktop Summit, the annual meeting of the LXDE Foundation. I arrived at Berlin at 3 pm and was at the venue at 4 o clock. It is nice to see so many friends and a lot of Fedora and Red Hat contributors here. If you are not yet in Berlin come here NOW!