FAD EMEA wrap up

It turns out we have to leave early. Some people need to travel home and others have family duties – or both. Fortunately we worked hard and managed to complete our agenda.

For now, I just put all the results, todo items and open questions into the wiki. It’s still a rough draft, I will clean it up, format and elaborate it later today. Some of the most important decisions include:

  • We’ll make a Fedora Ambassadors Census. In previous years, we used to do this before this FAD: We ask all the local communities to report their state: How many (active) ambassadors are there, how many events did they attend and what is the overall situation for them.
  • We looked for new ways to bring people into the project. We have communities that are not officially part of the project, like local community websites, IRC channels or groups on social networks. We should actively try to recruit new contributors there.
  • Improve the new contributors experience: Once they joined Fedora, we should make sure new ambassadors can attend at least one major event to get to know other contributors. Mentors should have an eye on how people do within the first year and support them better.
  • Run country-wide ambassadors event: All countries should strive for an event that brings all ambassadors to a table at least once a year.

Still, the real work begins after this FAD. We need to implement what we discussed, whether this is in the wiki, in trac or on various events. But we have gotten a new boost for our community and we are very optimistic that it will have a big impact.

Thanks everybody for coming and especially to Gerold for making this event happen.


So we are sitting at Beuggen Castle and having some drinks after an awesome social event: A dinner in complete darkness at a restaurant called “Blinde Kuh” (“Blind cow”). If you have not yet had it, give it a try, it’s very interesting experience.

The first day of FAD EMEA turned out to be very productive. We managed to discuss a lot of topics, most importantly:

  • Event planning for 2013. We want to attend 31 events, and for most of them we already have event owners.
  • Budget planning for 2013. Based on the list of events, we’ll spend 11.700 EUR. Sure, this is a lot of money, but we want really to rock at a lot of places and our draft is very conservative.
  • Sponsoring and reimbursements: While FAmSCo has already achieved a lot, we need to do a better job in explaining contributors how to get money easily and how to effectively track all requests.
  • Swag shipping and event box: We think it does not make sense to ship a complete event box within Europe, instead continue shipping what we really need. But this needs improvements: Better tracking of who has what and more ‘bases’ in different countries.
  • Swag production planning: We have a lot of new ideas for awesome swag and need to follow up with getting different quotes and making desisions.

I am going to add all relevant info to the wiki later, because a lot of the topic we discussed needs to be followed up. Tomorrow we’ll have some more discussions, but given that we are already more than half way through the agenda, we should have some time left to document and implement our results. This mainly is wiki gardening an improvements in our trac instance.

Stay tuned for another blog post before I fly home tomorrow.