A new start for the Xfce SIG

It’s not that the Xfce SIG did a bad job during the Fedora 12 development cycle. Far from it! We did very well: The F12 Xfce Spin is the best release so far and according to Christian, one of the Xfce developers, it’s the “most complete and most Xfce’ish Xfce live cd” he has ever seen.

But we felt like we could make things better. Currently most decisions are made by the maintainers (Kevin, Adam and me) ether on IRC or by mail. Of course we listen to feedback we get from users, but we want decision-making to be more transparent. That’s why we now have a mailing list of our own: The Fedora Xfce List, a place where users and developers meet.

We also want to revive the Xfce SIG IRC meetings. We did that in the past but somehow we didn’t find the time to do it regularly. In order to find a time that fits everyone, I started a poll. If you are interested in joining our meetings, please respond here.

So if you are using Fedora and are interested in Xfce