Follow-up on the LXDE images

I just want to give a short update on the broken LXDE Spin images: I (think I) fixed the bug, but we need to do some more testing to be really sure. The packages first need to go through bodhi before new images will be composed. Not sure how long it takes, I prefer adding one or two extra days for testing because I really don’t want to disappoint all the people who are interested in LXDE.

Thanks for your patience. I’ll keep you informed.

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. I will be waiting 🙂

    hope to not see the:
    “No root device found”
    “Boot has failed, sleeping forever”

    message again 🙁 I want to try Fedora LXDE! 😀

  2. I see, too bad that unetbootin isn’t working… any alternative for an ubuntu user???

    thanks for the replies 🙂

  3. The problem is that FESCO first needs to decide how to proceed with the images. This was supposed to happen yesterday but the meeting was canceled because of the holidays. Please follow the progress of the trac ticket.

    Sorry I cannot give you a better answer ATM. 🙁

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