FAD Niederrhein 2010

When Dominic, Enrico and me sat to together after OpenRheinRuhr and had a dozen couple of beers, we had the idea to make a Geany hackfest. We really just had a small session in mind, I suggested to meed at Dominic’s at Düsseldorf for a day or two. Later we talked about this on IRC and Sven became aware of it. He offered to host the event at Möchengladbach and now it turns out to become a real Fedora Activity Day instead of just a small hackfest. Come and join us at

FAD Niederrhein 2010
March 27 + 28
Mönchengladbach, DRK-Begegnungsstätte Wickrath

You don’t have to be a Fedora user or contributor to attend (Enrico isn’t ether). Instead, Fedora Activity Days are supposed to bring benefit to the upstream projects that we support, in this case Geany, LXDE and the OLPC. And maybe even your project, you just need to join us.

If you would like to attend, please add yourself on the wikipage. More workshops, hack sessions or talks are highly welcome. Lets make this event a truly successful one!

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