FUDCon here we come!

Me and Jörg just arrived at Phoenix. It’s still some hours until we can check in at the Four Points Sheraton, so right now we are sitting in the lobby of the Courtyard Tempe Downtown, the primary FUDCon hotel. There are quite a few Fedora people here already and it’s nice to see some good friends again and I am excited to meet more people that I only know by IRC or mail or SCM commits.

Me hacking at the Red Rocks. Of course this photo is totally faked, it's not even my laptop. ;)I arrived in the US late on Tuesday but just slept one night at Phoenix before we left for Sedona. On the first day we did the Red Rock State Park and yesterday we made a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. The views were really impressive. but only so much fresh air a man can take. Now I can’t wait until FUDCon. Let the hacking begin!

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