FUDCon Tempe day 2

Day 2 of FUDCon was just as busy as day 1.

  • AppStream and 10ish Things You Didn’t Know about Yum / Florian Festi and James Antill
  • Writing SELinux Policy / Dan Walsh
  • The Next Big Fedora Engineering Project / spot

In the afternoon we continued with the lightning talks. Some notable ones:

  • Eclipse Fedora Tools / Andrew Overholt
  • The Dreyfus Model: how do novices think differently from experts?
  • Fedora Medical / Susmit Shannigrahi

After the talks we started hacking (yay!), I helped Susmit to get some of his medical packages reviewed and thought some people good packaging practices. I regret not having the time to work on additional desktop test cases with Adam or working on Xfce with Kevin, but at some point security kicked us of out the Brickyard Artisan Court building.

I am just about to head to Memorial Union for FUDPub. After two days of FUDCon I am looking forward to have some beers with my fellows.

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