Announcing the Kolab Server 2.3.2

I’m sorry it took so long, but good things take a while. I am relieved the release is out because now that the problems with FreeBusy are solved, the 2.3 series offer the same functionality as 2.2.4  – plus much more of course.

New features

The update to postfix 2.8 brings a lot of new features like postscreen and multi-instance support. However none of them is enabled by default and old configuration files continue to work. Have fun while exploring the new possibilities, we will make use of them in the next major release.


Most of the bugfixes affect Kolab_* packages such as Kolab_FreeBusy:

  • apache-php: Security update fixing various CVEs
  • Kolab_FreeBusy: Generating free/busy cache works again
  • Kolab_Resource: Answers from resources no longer contain extra “\r\n\r\n”
  • Kolab_Server: IMAP connection issues fixed
  • Kolab_Storage: Webclient no longer hangs if freebusy triggering/retrieving
  • kolab-webadmin: Listing of sub-folders and sub-calendars was fixed
  • kolabd: Fixed an imap annotatoin so SyncML can sync contacts
  • php: Security update fixing various CVEs
  • postfix: Security update to 2.8.3. This also brings a lot of new features
  • z-push: New version with many bug fixes, rebuilding with prefixes other than /kolab fixed.

For a complete list of changes please refer to the release notes.


The upgrade form 2.3.1 is straight forward, there is nothing special you need to care about. If you are upgrading from 2.2.4, please follow the instructions to upgrade from 2.2.4 to 2.3.0 as outlined in the 1st.README file.


Documentation and OpenPKG packages are available as shown on the download page. Binary packages for Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze/stable) and 5.0 (Lenny/oldstable) on x86 platforms can be found next to the sources. As soon as they have synced, you can also use the mirrors.

You can check the integrity of the downloaded files by importing our file
distribution key and verify the OpenPGP signature and SHA1 checksums:

$ wget
$ gpg --import Intevation-Distribution-Key.asc
$ gpg --verify SHA1SUMS.sig
$ sha1sum -c SHA1SUMS

Known bugs

  • Bug 98 – Not all folders in the new ActiveSync config are displayed. We are working on that.

Please report bugs in our bug tracker.

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