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  1. In fedora looked the same?
    Hopefully more people download the xfce spin for it. 😉

    Thanks. And regards.

    1. I didn’t notice anything special in Fedora in the last week, but overall the number of Xfce downloads is way higher with F15 than it was with Fedora 14. The torrent tracker currently shows 4164 downloads for F14 and 3053 for F15 but F14 is out 6 months longer. Same for the direct downloads, although I don’t have exact numbers on that.

  2. Hi,

    Gnome3 is bad. i moved also to xfce (in fedora15 🙂 i could easy customize it and change the look and feel back to the good old gnome ..


    1. What exactly do you miss in Xfce? You are always stating that it’s not complete and so on but I don’t know what you mean, since for me it’s pretty much complete and I think that’s the impression most others share.

      1. Let me see:

        • a bluethooth manager with panel plugin
        • a PackageKit frontend without GNOME dependencies
        • a NetworkManager frontend without GNOME dependencies
        • freely placement desktop icons. moving several icons at a time
        • consistent behavior of xfdesktop and thunar, e.g. thumbnails or double vs. single click. Will come in Xfce 4.10 when xfdesktop is phased and thunar takes over.
      2. My suggestions:
        ?a bluethooth manager with panel plugin
        -> with what exact features?
        ?a PackageKit frontend without GNOME dependencies
        -> yumex (but then very Fedora specific)
        ?a NetworkManager frontend without GNOME dependencies
        -> wicd (badly maintained currently)

        I don’t understand why GNOME dependencies are not liked but all features that GNOME has should be also in Xfce. It’s not GNOME by design! Why not compare then also to KDE as a much more integrated desktop environment, of which each specific applications depends on the whole bunch of kdelibs. I guess someone wants to reinvent the wheel, again and again – but it has also advantages to can make things better.

      3. @Raphael: To answer your questions:
        Bluetooth manager: Link bluethooth devices manage known devices, receiving files over bluetooth, browsing bluetooth devices and support for DUN (with NetworkManager) at the very least. Sound related functions like BRCM or handsfree and headset gateway support would be nice, too.

        Wicd is no alternative to something based on NetworkManager because it only does wired and wireless connections but no VPN whatsoever. Even worse: It consumes more RAM and CPU than NetworkManager + gnome-networkmanager, especially if automatic detection of wifi networks is enabled.

        Yumex only works with yum. I want something generic for all distributions and ATM only PackageKit does provide that. Yumey also lacks an update notification trayicon.

        As for the 2nd paragraph: I don’t really get what you are trying to tell us. It’s not about comparing to GNOME but about comparing to a feature set that GNOME or KDE provide. The only reason why GNOME is used more often in comparisons is because it is GTK-based, too and often acts as a fallback for functions that Xfce doesn’t (yet) provide.

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