New Year’s resolutions

We all know New Year’s resolutions don’t work out, at least most of the time. One of my resolutions for this year was to completely reboot my blog and blog more regularly. It’s already July, so as you can see, it didn’t work out. In fact, I blogged less than ever before this year or since I started using Google+ and – a little later – Facebook.

However my use of social networks has changed. While I initially was very keen on protecting my privacy and only shared posts with interested people, over time I have become more open. By default I now share my posts with all my circles and friends. I think it helps them to get a better and bigger picture of me. And I share a lot of stuff with the public. I do have very strong views, especially on things that bother me. That is mainly politics and ethics as well as Free Software and culture. Why not share my thoughts with the public? Why not (try to) shape the public opinion?

This is what I will do from now on. I will continue to use social networks, but I will try to blog about the stuff I post publicly, at least if I consider it worth it. If a topic is complex or a post is elaborate and contains lots of references, it’s easier to blog anyway.

What can you expect from me here in the future:

  • Linux and Free Software in general and Kolab in particular. No change here, just more regularly (**knock on wood**).
  • Politics. I’m a member of the German Green Party for several years now. Not always proud, but still convinced we do the right thing™ (most of the time).
  • Product reviews of stuff I consider worth buying. That can be a really awesome new album by an unknown band or a product, that is very convenient, environment friendly or follows high ethical standards. Or that is simply the pure awesome (or the biggest shit).

Let’s see how things work our. Probably they don’t. Remember, it’s just another New Year’s resolution.

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