How to quickly migrate mail from Evolution to Thunderbird with Dovecot

Fedora 22 is just around the corner and while upgrading my machine, I decided to completely ditch Gnome’s Evolution in favor of Mozilla Thunderbird. I had already switched a while back, but still had tons of mail in an old local Evolution account I wanted to migrate. Unfortunately all HowTos I found on the web […]

Gute Vorsätze

Wir alle wissen, dass die guten Vorsätze für das neue Jahr meist nicht lange halten. Einer meiner Vorsätze für dieses Jahr war, meinen Blog einmal zu ‚rebooten‘ und regelmäßig zu bloggen. Jetzt haben wir schon Juli, hat also nicht so gut geklappt. Ich habe sogar weniger gebloggt dieses Jahr bzw. seitdem ich angefangen habe, Google+ […]

Vienna Calling!

Last weekend I attended Linuxwochen Wien for the first time. I heard a lot about the event, so I totally wanted to go there. Now that I’m back from Vienna, I am a little disappointed – but nevertheless happy I went there. The Austrian Linuxwochen (Linux Weeks) is a series of events all over the […]

Don’t use a programming language for configuration

Dear developers, please don’t use a programming language for configuration files. Seriously. Don’t. Just don’t. You are only making live hard for people. Here is what my polkit custom desktop policy looked like in Fedora <= 17: Identity=unix-group:wheel Action=org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-install;org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-remove;org.freedesktop.packagekit.system-rollback;org.freedesktop.packagekit.system-sources*;org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.*;org.libvirt.unix.*; ResultAny=no ResultInactive=no ResultActive=yes I think this is pretty straight forward, but some people found it confusing […]

A workaround for broken address autocompletion in KMail

If you experience the problem that KMail / Kontact 4.9.x are not doing address autocompletion in the composer window, you can edit ~/.kde/share/config/kpimcompletionorder (or ~/.kde4/share/config/kpimcompletionorder on some systems) and add [General] UseNepomuk=true Beware: This is only a workaround and can cause lock-ups of the composer window. Instead of using nepomuk, kontact should be using akonadi […]